About Kelly

Kelly Gerber is a well known jewelry brand established in 1992 in New York City,  known for customized pieces with photos. She's proud to say she was amongst the first of what was to be known as "private jewelers" in New York City.  It began with a "trunk show".   It was shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that Kelly created her signature Sophie Rose Photo Dog Tag Necklaces, named after her daughter Sophie. Dropping her off at preschool with security guards surrounding the kids was incredibly stressful. 

Kelly's love of photography, aesthetics, fashion & style, lead to the next chapter, modern keepsake wearable chic & sentimental jewelry that can be easily layered with other jewelry brands. "Lucky Charm Necklaces", as they are called by her clients, some will not travel without them. It continues to be a favorite, with Sophie as her model, when she will allow.

Having experienced working with fashion magazines, stylists & many famous photographers, singers, models and actors on photoshoots, Kelly discovered early on what it takes to create a styled look. Something many of us continue to aspire, not fashion necessarily but style.

Her favorite role has been Motherhood. It was not easy to become pregnant or stay pregnant, it was a painful time with a beautiful outcome. It might just be one of the reasons she loves photos of kids and families so much, never forgetting how special and beautiful family life is. 

No matter what the day looks like now,  Kelly will put together some kind of style, even if its leggings and a tee shirt, the popular uniform for COVID-19.  It just feels natural to add a little jewelry, especially something sentimental. 

Kelly says, "On looking good, let's be real, it's a process and a practice, like yoga, somedays my balance is just better.  Do what makes you feel good, I always feel better when I exercise, sleep more, and wear classic tailored clothing with a feminine fashionable edge. I have loved charms my whole life and of course love my charms- with my daughter close to my heart."

Virtual & in person private appointments with Kelly

Whether you want a new piece or to repurpose heirloom jewelry, Kelly will create gorgeous chic pieces to work with your lifestyle. Kelly often asks, "What's in your jewelry box" believing we are all sitting on some treasures that can be redesigned. 

For the couples getting engaged Kelly will work one on one with you to find that perfect stone and create the ring of your dreams. Whatever your budget is she will make it beautiful! She makes the process easy and fun.