The Parade

The Parade

Thanksgiving was always a family favorite holiday. My husband prepared the turkey, I cooked all the trimmings, he did the shopping, ( the worst part) I dressed up the house, with ease it all worked, we were a good team.  We would be out east at our home in the Hamptons, but often came in to the city just to watch the parade with some of the grandkids from a wonderful family owned bar called STONE ROSE in Time Warner bldg. Overlooking Columbus City in NYC,  watching the annual Snoopy & new trendy float balloons, brunching, enjoying those Bloody Mary's or Mimosas as the the parade passed us by, inside safe and warm! The kids loved it and we enjoyed it too. 

This year as we have all been hit by COVID in so different ways, I am grateful to have my daughter home with me. Thanksgiving will be tiny turkeys, festivities few, family gatherings are tiny or nonexistent. Stone Rose is gone, many things are gone or just not the same but we do have this- We have memories and we have the many Thanksgivings and holidays to come. It's different for sure this year,  but we are here, together yet apart, grateful for our friends, family, your in home cocktail bar, Netflix, exercise apps, & leggings! It is a challenge to not have anxiety these days. When I feel cranky or stressed & feel I have to reel it in, I take a walk, breathe, forget about what hurts or irritates me, there will be something else annoying in a few minutes so enjoy the good minutes and for today, maybe just today let's not let the parade pass us by and be Grateful for what we do have.

Happy Thanksgiving!  And if you can, SHOP online, support small businesses :) 


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