Thanksgiving started off smoothly, except the temperatures were insane and I was freezing but the conversations and games were heating up. We were up in Bedford at my sisters, who cooked the entire meal with her best friend of 50 years~ they even toasted to their friendship,  it was very sweet. I am no longer on food assignment, I used to cook Thanksgiving every year out at the beach but that is in the past. Now, I just bring the wine and the crack… Crack Pie that is from Momofuku Milk Bar (OMG-so good but oh so fattening). After dessert everyone plopped on the couch with nothing other than FOOTBALL on TV.  There are 4 dogs running around, 3 young ladies, 4 women, my brother-in-law and 5 boys (in college and out of college). The boys usually out number the girls but not this year so I was hoping the football would be turned off but no. This bunch is smart,  all the kids go/went to great colleges and same with the adults. When the idea of a game came around that wasn’t a “pregame” or football game outside due to the 17 degree weather, the ladies and I were excited! The game is called “Schnapps”- well my first thought was if this is any resemblance to beer pong, I’m out. And I'm not the NY Times crossword puzzle or Jeopardy pro here. I might be in trouble, well it's a game.  We were all full, stuffed on red wine and amazing food, 2 turkeys, stuffing, brussel sprouts with pancetta, yummy orange cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with marshmallows (just how my mom makes it), fresh homemade sourdough bread and more. The dessert was the kicker, all the pies, pumpkin bread, whipped cream, cookies, oh boy was I full, but a very delicious meal.

We started  playing this game, and I’m a little competitive at games:)  This game resembles “Heads up” but I’m just going to call it “Who am I?” The person next to you writes a persons name or a character on a sticky note (post it) and places it on your forehead. My daughter was next to me, I put Martha Stewart on her forehead,  she put a marked post it on mine. We go around the room and these are the people everyone has: Anthony Bourdain, Van Morrison, Jim Carrey, Big Pappi, Richard Nixon, Rachel Maddow, Dumbledore, Robert Mueller, Martha Stewart, Michael B. Jordan, Tommy Pickles (from the Rugrats), Isaac Newton and mine. The idea of the game is that you can only ask yes or no questions and once you have 3 no’s, it's the next person’s turn. My niece Jessie starts (she is 26), “Am I dead?  No. Am I famous? Yes. Am I a politician? No. Am I over 50?  Yes. Am I an actor? No.  Now I am up, as soon as my sticky was put on my head my sister started to giggle a little. I start asking the questions:  Am I alive? Yes. Am I famous?  Yes. Am I on TV? Yes.  Am I funny? Yes …kind of , whatever that means! Do I like me? Yes. Do I know me? Yes (not personally)  Am I over 50? Yes. Am I on a current TV show? No. Ok that's 3 no’s, so it's the next person’s turn and onto round 2. My youngest nephew is totally stuck on Jim Carrey, asking so many questions, it’s getting brutal now. My brother-in-law and our friend already guessed who they were and were out.  So back to me here I go again.  I know I’m famous, I’m alive, over 50, on TV and movies and I like me.  I thought okay good at least my daughter didn't give me a random cartoon character or a politician! Am I blonde? Yes. Sort of. Was I in Friends? No. Was I in Charlie’s Angels? No. Am I Carrie Bradshaw? YES! I’m Sarah Jessica Parker!

In style, writing, and waiting for “Big,” and let’s not forget collecting shoes- this is me!  Not that I can really wear them anymore, high heel pointy toes, deep inclines, but they are pretty to look at and some have a beautiful memory from when I was able to actually walk in them.

So regardless of who you are, in a game or in real life, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, as we move into the holiday season,  there is so much to be grateful for.  Especially a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

With love & gratitude, 

p.s. Jessie was Robert Mueller:)

Song: "Shed a Little Light" by James Taylor

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