It’s a cold grey winter day and I am walking over to Biscuits and Bath with Cookie Jar, my precious Havanese. The dog knows that the dreaded day is here. Teeth cleaning. Her breathe has been disgusting and yes, I must admit I feed her my leftover salmon often (she loves it!) yet, fish breathe is not too nice. It’s time though to get rid of that tartar and maybe a loose tooth. Poor thing is going to have an ugly smile and I cannot believe I’m risking putting her under anesthesia for bad breath! Well… it needs to be done. She shakes all the way there.

The vet has me sign a DNR or resuscitate form. I’m thinking to myself, what if something were to happen to my sweet cookie? 

She cocks her head when you speak to her, she literally winks in conversation and curls up at the end of my bed. She is submissive, sweet and such an easy, loving dog.

I notice often on Facebook and Instagram, my friend Jane Pontarelli posting pictures of her dog Lulu, only Lulu is always a white Maltese, for years now I mean at least 20…hmmm I am thinking, I wonder if she names all her dogs Lulu? Lulu is the love of her life (aside from her husband Joe of course) and Lulu appears more often than not.

And so it is true that Lulu the great love dog has been 3 Lulu maltese’s!

I'm just back from Florida where I met a client I recently designed a dog tag for of her deceased puppy. She was so happy and wearing it, keeping the memory and love of her beloved Shepherd close to her. So, here is the inspiration for the Lulu Love Necklace, a photo tag(s) of your beloved and departed pet, no matter how many you have had or what their names are.

We are all always loving our Lulus.


Song: Cat Steven’s "I love my dog"

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