I am so excited to announce I will be working with GLAMHIVE brings personal stylists to you, virtually to you~ at your computer ~your phone, your closet.
You have seen celebrities on the red carpet and I bet you wished you could look like them & thought, if only I could hire their stylist.
Founder & CEO Stephanie Sprangers has brought this concept to life.
An affordable version that is available at 3 different levels.  For both men & women.

My philosophy is we all need to take time for ourselves, weekly exercise routine is a must, accessorize- jewelry ices the cake & it has always been my passion. We need to follow a healthy diet, we need to rest, to sleep!  We need to shop wisely. Mix it up! Go high low, then pull it all together. We all want to feel and look good. So what are you going to wear?  What's going to make you look and feel your best? From your everyday looks to special occasions.
 It's all about style and putting yourself together.  I'm your average woman with a creative flair who cares about feeling & looking good, now I can share these tips with my clients.

I've always been a fan of glamour, I mean the old Hollywood glamour. I grew up in a home where sports wasn't on the TV, the old black and white movies were.
Gene Tierney, Myrna Loy, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant & Gary Cooper. 
I wanted to live in a world where everything was pretty, polished, elegant, grand. Grace Kelly had that magnificent natural elegance, I don't think she was schlepping kids, going to the supermarket, to play dates or commuting on a train working 9-5.  Just a feeling....
We live in a world now where ripped jeans, tattoos & multiple ear piercings are in fashion. I'm old school, but let's face it its almost 2019, I'm over it.
Ripped jeans and a silk blouse, sexy stilettos and multiple earrings, ok I get it.
Over 55, maybe not your thing. Speaking of over 55, I am dealing with a few over 55 issues, comfort is now a time released issue, how long can I walk, stand or sit in this outfit, shoe or even carry a handbag before something hurts. It's ironic but I finally get why my grandmother was hoarding new pairs of Reebok sneakers under her bed, they felt good on her feet, back & knees. 

                           Guess what...
The entire world is wearing designer sneakers!!
Grandma Rosie knew her stuff:)

Sign up today on the Glamhive link here and maybe you will be the recipient of a complimentary style session.  This is about you being the best version of yourself so GET STYLED.
This holiday season go to those parties and on your winter vacation dressed with ease and comfort, in clothing and accessories that really suit you... style is always in fashion.

Find me on Glamhive & Happy Holidays!
xo, Kelly

Song: I'm Every Woman ~RESPECT Aretha Franklin

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