Redesigned Grandma's Engagement Ring

Fall Clean Up & Creations

We certainly all have had more time at home in the past 6 months!

With more time to think, I am adding a new twist to how I design pieces for clients using what you already have in your jewelry box, virtual redesign appointments.

 With nearly 30 years of experience creating custom pieces for my clients. My first love are still charms. Ever since I was a young girl I have collected charms.

The marketplace has changed in time and currently the American population is taking part in fast fashion like never before. When was the last time since COVID have you felt excited to get dressed up?

 Meanwhile, we all do care about sustainability and maintaining an eco-friendly relationship with the planet.  Something that fast fashion doesn’t adhere to. 

What I am doing is changing a mindset.  Look in your own jewelry box.  What heirlooms do you have?  What are some pieces that your parents gave you as a teen that are outdated?  I take those pieces and together we create a story about them, to create a repurposed piece into something that you will actively wear.

There are over 72 million millennials in the US, likely with at least one or two pieces of jewelry handed down to them from a family member. As the price of fine jewelry & gold continues to rise, why not look at what you were handed down and create it into a piece that you would wear.

In 2020, the words sustainable and eco-friendly will continue to dominate and my designs fit the true meaning of eco-friendly.  New eco-friendly pieces still require mining, manufacturing and transportation.  Since I am repurposing my client’s existing pieces, carbon footprints are minute. 

You clean out your closet once a year.  So why not clean out your jewelry box too.  Take a look at what you have and create a customized piece using those existing items to tell a new story.

We can do this virtually or in person, send me your ideas & photos! 

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