Pierced Again?


New Year~ New You OR New Year more of the old you, I mean me actually.  I’ve had some time to stop, reflect & day dream.  Dream everyday the sky is blue and I take long walks with my dog. More yoga, less stress, that’s how I feel. 

While I wear my hair wavy & put on my bell bottom jeans. If only I saved those Faded Glory & Mackeen jeans! It must have been that year I laid flat on a table to get zipped into the jeans with my mom & sister on the next tables  on east 60th street off 2nd Ave in NYC, squeezing into those Mackeen jeans. Annoying my mom always 2 sizes smaller than me, now I giggle as I still watch her eat cake for breakfast- while I have GG crackers- grateful that someone invented lycra in jeans. 

Well that Mackeen Jean year in late 70’s was the year I got a second ear piercing on my left ear. Long closed for business, wanting a classic look I’m realizing what a waste of real estate!  It could have been a showroom all these years for little earrings on display, now as I am approaching a new decade I’m thinking about a lot of things & asking you my friends & followers their opinions on just this one thing... should I reopen that hole?  Let in all those precious little studs? And I found the PERFECT STUD that won’t hurt or bother me. 

No- he has no name- ( not yet)

It's Sara Weinstocks Marquis diamond stud for this coveted spot. 

So should I or not?? 

It is pretty 💖

Song: Boz Scagg “Sierra”

Because I write while listening to music & this one’s for you

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