End of Summer

Why is it that what we love the most, goes by so quickly? Every year we endure the winter, anticipate spring and embrace every minute of summer just to watch it fly by! I remember that all of my most precious memories seem to be the most fleeting. One year rolls into the next, each with a new memory, meaning and message.  As for summer, we think of the beach, the sounds of the ocean, the feel of the warm breeze ( even the awful humid air) all whilst relishing in the joys of the season. Barbeques, outdoor parties, cocktails upon cocktails, watersports, white jeans, and for me, my favorite piece of jewelry.

Somewhow my most treasured piece is always the one with the sentimental or spirtual connotation. This year it happened to be my new charm bracelet. Adorned with vintage charms from my Grandmother, two large oval photo charms of my daughter Sophie and my precious Havanese, Cookie, along with a few new pieces that I recently designed. I never thought of myself as pensive or reflective, but lately I have been unusually sentimental...I am suddenly finding meaning in things that I never normally would-whether it be a quote, a photo or a magazine clipping. With this month drawing to a close and new Fall season beginning, this nostalgia is especially prominent. 

As we all enjoy the last bits of summer, I anticipate my daughter's and my many new tween friends (from me.n.u) return to school. I wish that it be an easy transition back for all of you! Study hard, play nice with each other, make good memories and remember to relish in the moment...  it all goes by too fast! 


All my love,

Kelly Gerber

Daddy's closest to our hearts

This Father's Day, like all others, millions of Dads will be showered with odd pattern ties, pink suspenders &  assorted bizarre gifts. They will be shoved in a drawer and turn their attention to what they truly love...the children who are their most precious gift.

Now those children can give Dad the next best thing to pleasure in their company, A photo dog tag or photo cufflinks. A timeless gift of themselves. Fathers Day may come & go but the memory, now brought to life is permanent.

This Fathers Day I would like to remember two very special men. Their common bond was not only friendship but a long gone era of  the "old school" good guys.

Dr Joe Billotti was an accomplished, generous, dapper, & brilliant orthopedic surgeon.  Later this month I will share in the wedding ceremony of his beautiful daughter Danielle. We wish you much love and joy in your life with Robert.

A larger than life man, whose fun loving wit, hollywood handsome good looks, warm personality & ability to make everyone feel special was my husband Jordan. (aka Jordy) He expressed  extreme pride in his 3 sons & our daugther. His children were his world. He was adored by them and everyone who knew him.

Both fathers led by example and would be incredibly proud of the parents their sons are today. 

We miss you both very much and thank you for showing us the way.

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, for passing on the creative gene and giving me the ability to be strong & independent.   

To all Daddy's ....hug your kids! Enjoy your special day.


Life is full of memories - celebrate them.

Who was the very first person you adored? The one who's heart you always had. Who took care of you, put up with all your phases, crazy and annoying habits, devoted and unconditionally loved you -- your mom!

Celebrate and share with moms - your friends, sisters, aunts, grandmas -- celebrate motherhood. 

Celebrate your own story of motherhood with photo charms of those precious memories. Add charms that reflect your story, the past, the present and always those things close to your heart.

Recently I've been redoing client's collections of charms and creating something modern and fresh but with history and sentiment. Add to your old collection or begin a new one. 

I'm happy to share in your story, I'm happy to be a mom and I'm appreciative to have a wonderful mom as a role model all my life. 

New Year, New You, New Jewels

By way of retrospective my inspiration, like many mothers, came from my child.

Sophie Rose Charm Collection began when my daughter was only 3 years old. It was shortly after 9/11. Living and working in NYC was fearful at that time. After drop off at nursery school, I would have a panic attack. Was it separation anxiety or real fear? I wanted my daughter close to me. So I created photo dog tags. I felt better wearing her around my neck, close to my heart. Call me sentimental . . . (or smother mother!)

Ten years later there’s a new normal. Sophie is 13, still my muse and my inspiration. There is a special wonder about her – as I know all mothers feel about their kids.

We are a far cry from the days of Bonpoint Peter Pan collared dresses and Mary Jane shoes  - how I loved those clothes. Yet I still enjoy (when she allows me) to style her with chic outfits and play dress-up.

At me.n.u it’s become an upper east side hang out for girls, tweens and in-betweens. Jewelry + clothes + a fun place to be.  Sophie and I are busy at work there. It’s been a year since we opened and it’s going well - busy and moving forward to a new normal.

In 2012 I wish you all a happy and healthy year, filled with many jeweled moments.