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Jill Creighton MD is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stony Brook University Hospital and she is the Medical Director of their Ambulatory Pediatric Clinics. She lives in Quogue, NY. Dr. Creighton does her clinical work at Stony Brook's Outpatient Pediatric Clinic in Hampton Bays, NY. Dr. Creighton's other full time position is that of raising her own 4 children, ages 4, 6, 8 and 11.

Jill completed training at Mt Sinai School of Medicine in 1994. She attended Brown University, Graduating class of 1989. She specializes in clinical pediatrics and takes care of children aged newborn to 22 years old.

A huge portion of Jill's day is dedicated to kids, her patients then of course her own. She loves children, and describes her job "as a dream job". She feels blessed to care for the children of others but also blessed to spend time with her own children.

So when does this beautiful woman have time to herself? Well, barely ever, however she does manage to stay in great shape. It might be yoga, a spin class, or a beach walk with a good friend. With this inner and outer beauty it was easy to make Jill one of my favorite Fall 2014 busy working Mom's with style.

Dr. Jill Creighton in Kelly Gerber Jewelry.
          14kt gold charm necklace, 14kt gold and diamond bracelets, Platinum diamond stud earrings

Beautiful Babies

One of my favorite things to do is look at photographs. Good thing too because I am swamped with hundreds of pics each year. In this day and age EVERYONE has a smart phone that has a camera. We used to miss "kodak" moments having to run for a camera in my childhood. Now clearly and fundamentally a big part of all our lives. Even a "selfie" seems to capture the moment. Here are a few of my favorite pics, from babies to wedding kids, to well dressed puppies.

Keep snapping pics, making memories and making dog tags! We can never have enough precious moments.


With charm,


Personalized Gifts for Mom

All Things Remembered

Top 10 for Mother's Day.

David Letterman may be retiring, but I am not. One of the many things I will remember is his TOP 10.

Like all things remembered "the list" is part of my daily routine. Most days I do look at it, sometimes I must confess I forget.

However I feel better starting my day knowing pen to paper there is a visual of what I need to do. I can see it, touch it , feel it & hope to get it all done! Here's 10 ideas  on what to get your Mother or Mom-like special person in your life. Things that will melt her heart and make her smile. 

1-For The Sentimental Mom, 2 large Photo Dog Tags,  my new big silver wishbone, heart with diamond,  a long tag with her initial cut out on a cool link yellow gold plated chain.

2-For the Fun Mom, a set of tricolor gold cut out initial tags on a necklace

3- For the Protective Mom, an evil eye bracelet made of 14kt yellow gold & diamonds.

4- For the Fancy Mom, my diamond on the ear hoops. FABULOUS

5-For the Trendy Mom, an earclip. She will be the coolest carpool mom!

6- For the Hippie Mom, a midi finger ring

7-For the Sweet Mom, LOVE,LOVE, diamonds block's the new LOVE

8-For the Mom who loves St Barths, Tahitian Grey Pearls on Braided Leather, I have the perfect long lariat version. 

9-For the Natural Mom, go with a long leaf pendant

10- For the love of dogs & kids, add to her photo dog tags , pics, pics  & more pics. 

Happy Mother's Day! Count your blessings. Make it special for your special mom ( that means wife :) too !!)



Must Love Dogs

 NEW! Exclusive release of the collaborative work of The Barktorialist & Kelly Gerber. We teamed up to create The Bark Charms for pets & pet lovers. Pets or people that can be described as Royal, Ruler, Rescued or Bitch. A masterminded small collection of words and phrases that will add to your pets collar or your own.  Afer all who doesn't love a great charm necklace!

We woof you!



Moms with Style! Meet Rachel Graham

Yes it definitely helps to look good if you are 5'10" tall, in great shape &  a health coach . Rachel Graham founder of Live Healthy NYC is one of my favorite clients & more importantly friends. I love my mommy friends who are working women ageing gracefully in style. Rachel found what she is passionate about & is making a difference. I have seen some of her clients transformations... just amazing. With a new sense of self & security leading to a new sensibliity for style. Grateful to put on skinny jeans & a big new piece of jewelry!

Throw on mulitple necklaces, bracelets & rings on Rachel & somehow she pulls it off. I usually say..."Ok Rachel you know me, less is just less but in this case ...take 1 piece off!" We like to kid around, shop, have lunch & talk about our kids. As life goes by at  lightening speed ~ it is nice to take a breath and perhaps this year go a little bit slower. Enjoy good healthy food, good friends, good jewelry to help you look even better and give you great style!

Visit Rachel's blog for recipes & nutrition tips on looking & feeling great

For the love of kids & dogs!

My passion for photography, children & dogs continue. I have been fortunate enough to meet talented young artists in many areas of the arts. Today with the world moving so fast in all aspects of social media I need a tutor just to keep up with them. By the time I learn how to do one thing there's something else! 

I am collaborating with a fantastic team at the soon to launch an online store. It is so damn cute! These girls take fashion from the runway & bring to doggie life. With exquisite taste & style. What we must haves. I am honored to be on the "list" and we are about to take off.

Check out my new dog bone charms, cufflinks & some new dog tags that will go on your precious pet or your own neck.

Happy Fall everyone & stay tuned....we are going for a good walk in the park.

With charm,



The long and the short of it is I am obsessed right now with my long charm necklace. My neck was starting to hurt so I took a few things off and fell in love with the simplicity of 2 mini military tags in sliver & LOVE the long way in gold & diamonds on a long gold ball chain. Although I do love collecting & adding new charms to my necklace! Maybe it's this crazy heat that makes us want to be light everywhere, even around the neck.

For summer loves we all think water~blue being my favorite color I defer to this with ease. Turquoise adds the pop of color we need to remind us how short & special our summers are. Add some long beaded turq necklaces or beaded bracelets & instant summer chic style! I'm also loving greens, there are so many beautiful stones to choose from. Greens in quartz, jade & semi precious are not pricey & look fabulous. Green is also the hot accessory color for Fall,  add some green with a chunky ring or big earrings for a new look. If you are like me & defer to neutrals, I wear a lot of white & beige in summer, green or blue is just the right touch of color.  I do love reds, oranges & pinks but  somehow it reminds me of how I feel about red nail polish...I like it better on other people than on myself!

It's a hot summer so look cool.

Enjoy it, it's the season that flies by~





Like many savvy shoppers, many of us have become sassy  & savvy shoppers. We are looking not only for sales, these days we want the DEAL on what we really want, not just what is left over & marked down. Everything is up, but most of us are not earning more. Yet we still have the "wants"& then there are  all the "needs"! 

As we roll into the New Year, Kelly Gerber Jewelry is now featuring a REWARD POINTS program.

Get what you want this year! Many of you have been longing for your own Sophie Rose Dog Tag Necklace.

I see you playing on my site,  the photos, the engraved messages...the longing & hoping for your own kids, your own precious memories on your necklace! Well now let's go for it. I want to help you make it happen.

For every $100 spent on a Sophie Rose Necklace you will receive $25 towards your next purchase...So go for 1 get a discount on the next & so on & so on....

Email me at

All u have to say is this...THE TIME IS NOW

Welcome 2013

With charm,


Sandy Days

As a New Yorker living through another tragedy here it is difficult to think of luxury items at a time when thousands of people are without heat, hot water, food, clothing or shelter.  Many have lost everything, including family photos and all their belongings with precious memories.
To all those who have been impacted from hurricane Sandy my heart goes out to you.  From now thru Christmas, all purchases made with Kelly Gerber Jewelry will donate a portion to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
Be safe, Be mindful, Make memories, Keep those you love close to your heart.

End of Summer

Why is it that what we love the most, goes by so quickly? Every year we endure the winter, anticipate spring and embrace every minute of summer just to watch it fly by! I remember that all of my most precious memories seem to be the most fleeting. One year rolls into the next, each with a new memory, meaning and message.  As for summer, we think of the beach, the sounds of the ocean, the feel of the warm breeze ( even the awful humid air) all whilst relishing in the joys of the season. Barbeques, outdoor parties, cocktails upon cocktails, watersports, white jeans, and for me, my favorite piece of jewelry.

Somewhow my most treasured piece is always the one with the sentimental or spirtual connotation. This year it happened to be my new charm bracelet. Adorned with vintage charms from my Grandmother, two large oval photo charms of my daughter Sophie and my precious Havanese, Cookie, along with a few new pieces that I recently designed. I never thought of myself as pensive or reflective, but lately I have been unusually sentimental...I am suddenly finding meaning in things that I never normally would-whether it be a quote, a photo or a magazine clipping. With this month drawing to a close and new Fall season beginning, this nostalgia is especially prominent. 

As we all enjoy the last bits of summer, I anticipate my daughter's and my many new tween friends (from me.n.u) return to school. I wish that it be an easy transition back for all of you! Study hard, play nice with each other, make good memories and remember to relish in the moment...  it all goes by too fast! 


All my love,

Kelly Gerber