Lucky Enough!

It's Christmas Day and we are in an Uber headed to LGA to PBI. Our departure goes from 10:30am to 2pm, it continued like that for a while. There are no JetBlue employees at the gate and no announcements. Oh well, it’s going to be one of those days. The buzz is weather in Boston. There's a cute elderly couple next to us, (me Sophie and our dog Cookie), the man seems distressed, looking around & pacing, I ask "Can I help you find something?"  It was hard to understand him but easy to see he lost his phone. I ask his wife, "Do you have a phone? Let's call him" she replies, "I don't know his number I never call him!"  and she grins up at me. Two seconds later there's an announcement for an Irwin to go to gate 3, "that's him", she says very casually. I dodge over there to get his phone, on the way I get stopped by another elderly gentleman that I met earlier, our dogs had been socializing. "Can you get me napkins please!" he says. I see he is holding a cup of coffee that's spilling. "OK, give me a minute, I will be right there..." I get back to the dog guy after giving Irwin his phone. I see it's not the coffee, it's a big pile of dog poop!  Ugh! I’m thinking I better take my dog Cookie out before there is incident #2 of #2.

As I approach the security line to get outside, a tall blue-eyed, good-looking guy looks at me and says, “You’re not going to be able to get out.” “Really, guess you must want to get out too, smoke a cigarette or get some air?” I say. I ask the guard, “Who is the head of security here? Robert, ok Robert, this is the deal, (eye contact and sweetly) I’ve been here since 9am- it is this dog going out and we pass this security line on the way back in or, it’s pee pee poo poo on the new carpet in this terminal, your call.”  Robert let’s us out, Cookie, blue eyes and me.

We take care of Cookie's business and go back in. We walk up to our gate and one of his kids is walking down towards us, not happy and threatening to leave. He’s about Sophie’s age and pissed about something his brother did.  He’s leaving. Really??

We are finally airborne, all the babies and kids start crying. There’s a couple behind us, with a baby and 2 little kids, the mom nonstop F bombs. She was totally losing it, “I’m  disgusted, I knew this was a terrible idea, next year we go to CT to my family, this is BS, this absolutely is the worst idea you ever had.”  I couldn't take her anymore, I reach for Cookie and introduce her to the mom and kids. "Oh look at the cute doggie!" All's quiet now.

We land, I see blue eyes as we head to baggage claim, he says, “What do you think about leaving the kids and you and I go to the COVE.” Great pick up line, I think, witty. Hmmm, butterflies? Next he’s taking my luggage off the conveyer belt and I’m thinking, God it’s Christmas- I really miss my husband, being a family, I miss his voice, his shoulders, his blue eyes.    

We have lots of family time planned with my parent’s, sister, brother- in-law and their kids. Night 3 was most memorable. After 3 days watching happy couples and families, to entitled, complaining kids and their parents arguing, I’m beginning to think holiday time should be cut short. (and you are probably thinking- so should this blog but I promise it gets good)  

Sophie and I arrive for dinner with the whole family. My parent’s walk in, my mom in all white, she has on her Kelly Gerber signature photo tag necklace of all her grandchildren and long strand of pearls. My dad is dapper in a navy cashmere sport jacket. They have these huge smiles, like there’s a secret kinda smile. Sure enough Dad says, “We are renewing our vows tonight, we have a Cantor coming, we have a private gazebo outside. 60 years and we are so blessed we have been planning this for months!” It’s a very special night.

My closest friends are dealing with ailing and dying parents so I am LUCKY ENOUGH for mine this holiday season. It’s so sad and I know only too well how sad it is, even though their parents have lived long lives, seeing those you love suffer is torture for everyone.

After this crazy week I have realized it’s all about being lucky enough for what we all have, we are family, whatever that is made up of.  

With hard work, patience, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and consideration maybe we can make 2018 great for ourselves. And for that I am hopeful, still believing in fairytales with happy endings.… the princess kind.


This is 2018.

Xo Kelly

My song of the week is: What Lover's Do by Maroon 5 feat. Sza 

Coffee and Cake

It’s 35 degrees, my Uber driver smells and I have very deep dark circles under my eyes from getting up at 5:15am for the past three months. I have this new neighbor who moved in above me, she wakes up for her job at 5am, stomping around her apartment in heels. I’m not kidding when I say I can even hear her when she gets in the shower. I finally interacted and went up there after several calls to my doormen (who, btw are blatantly sick of hearing Mrs. Gerber complain). Thinking she would be 300+ pounds I was shocked to see a woman my age and size answer the door. She was absolutely mortified and couldn't have felt worse. I’ve sent her notes, was going to even buy her slippers- we chat, and she promises to get carpeting in her apartment.  80% coverage it's the law I share this news flash with her, as if she didn't know.

The next morning I wake up at 8am. I have never felt more rejuvenated and kvelling over having my daughter, Sophie home from college. She goes to USC, I mean really…. she had to go that far, then again maybe there are better men in LA than there are in New York City.

I was doing so well that even my doorman said “Mrs. Gerber you look so happy this morning,” I told him it was because I finally slept! It was all going so smoothly until an amateur Yogi kicks me in the head falling at an attempted head stand in my daily yoga class, It ruined my zen.

After a day’s worth of hustling around NYC, navigating through the crowds, playing Mrs. Claus as I filled jewelry orders I was stressed. Had to get ready for dinner. My favorite pieces right now are my gold wire hoop earrings with long emerald cut tapered baguettes. Of course I wear my charm necklace with Sophie, Cookie & assorted meaningful charms. I'm layering my look with one or two other necklaces depending on how freezing cold I am if I need the  cashmere turleneck sweater or not. I am not a very good cold weather person. My rings are 2-3, I love my twisted snake and diamond link,  less is just less and yes I am a yellow gold girl 99% of the time. In my next life I will be a minimalist. For now ~ not.

That evening I have a date with a British guy, Jewish, lives in Westchester, from London~ and he is announcing, he is on a diet!  His son is getting married in the beginning of January and he already shares he doesn't want to be in a relationship before the wedding- he doesn't have to worry because I’m unavailable and will be in Florida - maybe I can make son #2’s wedding in the spring. He should be so lucky!

He arrives a few minutes late, I’ve already ordered my Chardonnay, irritated but composed that there’s no hard alcohol. I wanted a martini desperately or some Casamigos!  It’s been a hellish week.

He’s not terribly tall, not terribly handsome, not terribly fit but yes, terribly British and very sweet.  This is something I adore. For 2 years in my 20’s I pretended to have a British accent when meeting men/boys out. My BFFL Debbie (aka Chicken) laughs HYSTERICALLY when I tell her I met a Brit.  The date was actually nice and I had a good time, I couldn't wait to get home to hop in the bath, put on my pj’s and eat leftover Momofuku soft serve all while hearing my daughter complain about how bored she is that her friends aren’t home yet.

 So… this evening is my trigger to write this to more than just my (as my daughter would say, “squad”) of my mom, sis and 3 closest friends. It is to share my frustrations with all of you and for you to join in. We all need to help each other in this crazy world. Let’s face it, men are mostly awful and I have realized that the single men suck (that is why they are single duh) and all the good ones are dead or married. I want to believe in love again and get those butterflies. Where the hell are they?! Am I too old for romance? Am I too much ~with the big blonde hair, eyelashes and jewelry? Or is what’s around me too little? Which brings me to little things I don't want to see or think of.  Oy.

Well, stay tuned next week, a new adventure and update, from Boca Raton, Florida. I haven’t even packed yet and my mom is already texting me asking what crudité dip I will eat! Like really, I’m trying to lose a few this holiday season not gain weight on bagels, Way Beyond Bagel's egg white salad, that has to be fattening cuz it tastes so damn good.

My parents favorite meal of the day COFFEE AND CAKE!  Who the hell needs to be eating cake every night before they go to bed. Thankfully my mom is tiny and weighs at most 110 pounds. Dad is thin too, for this alone they are annoying.  I’m blessed to have them even if they can eat without getting fat.

I’ll be sharing with all of you my style tips, the jewels, dating drama, learning from dilemmas and daily nonsense as well as my song of the week. This week my song is "Under Pressure" by David Bowie & Queen. I’m breathing through it and letting go of the toxins but they keep coming back.

Namaste friends and Merry Christmas, Happy Everything.  

P.S I told my mom I liked spinach dip.



Thru The Years



For all my previous customers this is dedicated to you. A special offer to update& add new photo tags to your Kelly Gerber Photo Tag Necklaces at 30% off!

I have always loved looking at all your babies, kids, dogs, & horses thru the years. Watching your families grow and grow up I have felt apart of something so much bigger than my own family.  As we have raised our children with heart, soul, blood, sweat & many tears we can all say it's been the best job ever! Parenthood for most of us is our greatest joy. Our stories are funny, sweet & sometimes tragic but we wear it all with pride and sentimentality. To all the new Grandmothers, new Moms, Dads, Grandpas, mothers of college grads and new beginnings I wish you all great happiness.  Life moves on, kids grow up, we attempt to balance ourselves until we fall and then we start again. So for all of  you whom I have met or e-met I would like to offer your round 2 of your family treasure and add new tags to those little babies and kids. With a special promotional discount to start again! After all kids are expensive:)

Let's do this with style and grace




It's That Time of Year Again

 It’s That Time Of Year Again!


A new season, I’m reflecting on my style. What’s it going to be?  In fashion, jewelry & music. What we’ll be listening to & wearing as Spring turns to Summer soon enough.

I recently had the pleasure and coolest experience styling a band for an album cover. Working with  Photographer Vincent Dale from Sarasota Florida, shooting in the Everglades, one of natures treasures. I did feel like Jane in the Jungle as little did I know the hithering sounds beneath my vintage suede Prada boots were snakes!! Good thing my dog Cookie Jar who  with me on location is small enough to be held~ in the tall grasses and wild nature, who knows what else was lurking there!!

Tamboka’s lead singer is Nay, together they are a world music gypsy style band. Definitely on my “get ready & go” playlist for spring 2017. Their songs on the newly relaeased album TAMBOKA, 2 B Free & Evol replay in my head, I am addicted to their rhythm.

Nay & I played dress up in NYC then again in Miami, we came up with a look that I love, she’s a beautiful young super talented girl with a scarred past.  It resonates in her music, as a violin player & singer. I love gold wire chokers with different small attached diamond pieces to layer, add a long cool link chain & insta cool. I'm avoiding the huge sleeve shirts that make me look like a fat bird but I am loving the new cut hem on jeans. Who says we need to be "in" to be cool? Sometimes I just like to listen to the music that makes me feel, then I look and feel even better.

On Itunes or spotify, take a peek & let’s …

“Get ready & GO" Playlist

1- 2 B Free TAMBOKA


3- Contro Vento  Malika Ayane

4- Il Giardino Dei Salici Malika Ayane

5- Take the Long Way Home Supertramp

6- Days Like This Van Morrison

7- Going Out of My Head Sergio Mendes

8- Here Comes The Sun Nina Simone

9- I Am Changing DREAMGIRLS soundtrack

10- Moda Bo Lura & Cesare Evora




Not So Empty Nest


                     NOT SO EMPTY NESTER


From the moment I set eyes on my daughter she has brought nothing but joy. Joy with a side salad of anxiety.

As a single mom from the time she was 10 we were faced with many challenges. We got thru them all together and we still do.  We always felt like NYC was a safety net, protected and surrounded by people who knew us everywhere we went.  I often feel as if my late husband Jordy  set this all up.

So time flies and off she goes to college. Presented am I as millions of parents each year with the "Empty Nest"

I keep Sophie close to me always, wearing my photo tag charm necklace, made of 14kt yellow gold on a long link chain, a photo tag of my daughter when she was a young curly haired little blonde girl and one of her more recent as a natural blonde beauty, combined with a gold diamond 4 leaf clover charm, a diamond oval peace charm, a yellow gold smiley face, a diamond initial charm, my personal customized necklace, our story, our lives held close to my heart.

I am meeting so many talented people, catching new fashion, new trends, reconnecting with old friends and opening up my business to young mothers as Ambassadors to represent Kelly Gerber Jewelry to tell their personal story on their own necklaces. 

I'm always looking and waiting for inspiration, only to find there is a glut on everything these days, and at high prices too.

What is unique and extraordinary is what is yours, your heritage, your family, heirlooms, your own personal story.

For some clients I am helping them create new pieces for others, recreating jewels, tweaking their look with a new style.

One of my favorite things is seeing the ethereal baby faces in photographs which lift my spirit.  I miss my daughter yet I am filled with beautiful memories of her ethereal baby face and the new ones to follow as she has become a woman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                My nest is empty but life is full.


Visit me at

Share your photos, your stories






Jewelry is the best accessory of 2016-2017

I just did an aerobic shop with my BF in town from Cleveland. We hit all her favorite stores within 24 hours. Barneys, Bergdorfs, up and down Madison Ave. Even savvy shoppers like us came away with some sticker shock. The shoe sales racks were bargains at $400.  Reductions from $1800, really shoes are that expensive, sandals no less, and yes oh so pretty, most uncomfortable too. 

My ageing, walking, dancing feet hurt. My closets are filled with pretty shoes I can no longer wear for longer than walking to a car distance~ out my front door, not down the block. 

I always loved and related to SJP in Sex and the City, my affair with pretty shoes goes way back. These days the pain and the prices lead me to believe we are all much better off accessorizing more with jewelry! Let's reel this obsession in, ask your mother or grandmother for some old gold charms. Let's create a sentimental choker or bracelet that will be your conversation piece at the bar or dinner table out with friends. I'm sorry, I do love leather but I would rather own gold. How about you? Call me if you would like a private appointment or skype call and we'll create your Fall best accessory too.








Loving London

There's nothing better than a quick weekend away to recharge your spirits. We all need new inspirition, something to empower us, bring us to that next level of whatever it is. In my case creativity.  I first came to London when I was 16 with my parents and sister. 

I remember hearing that authetic British accent and quite honestly could not get it out of my head. Later on, I proclaimed a British accent when out and about meeting "boys", my friends would laugh, but it got to the point I was so bloody good at it I thought

I would just be a little British for awhile. Well, it lasted in and out for about 2 years. I am truly in love with that accent. On a recent visit for a friends event I fell in love again, not merely with being British, I will always love that, but also the beauty of this 

great city, hectic but calm, controlled and civilized and incredibly diversified. I started to feel some new inspiration for photographs,  gold charms and big diamond earrings, lots of bangles and classic jewel tone stones. I can't wait to see what this holiday season will bring, but I do know I will

be fantastically British whenever I can be! 



Let's Smile, Emoji Charms!

Every few years there's a real trend in charms. I have been in love with charms and charming people for that matter my whole life.

Years ago I mad some smiley face charms with diamond eyes to wear with my small photo tag charms. They were a hit! Fast forward to icons, emojicons, bitmojis, & aps we don't even know about yet, there is something new every minute. Most of which is technology.

Yet not much can make you smile without seeing someone elses smile. Bringing a smile, smirk or wink to your face makes us human. Yeah, we live in a world of dogma, snapchat, facebook, instagram, skype, text, yada yada but if you want to talk to me give me or call or better yet, let's meet face to face and just smile.

Check out the big emoji charms at silver $150 gold $500

and if all else fails, try to smile ;)


Renew & Redo, A Brand New Kelly

It's still me...

Just a better working version, new & fresh only it's digital


As we age & collect "stuff" there are those things that are just too precious to part with. It's easy to say goodbye to old designer clothing you are no longer wearing, after all you must make room in your closet for new "stuff"! If it's in good shape you can even make money consigning it (KGJ tip - call The RealReal).  But what about your 80's gold necklaces, mom's old charm bracelet and your grandma's diamond brooch? Don't forget the ex-husband and ex-boyfriend jewelry. How do you scrap sentiment?

That’s where I come in. I started renewing pieces of jewelry for close friends a few years ago. Breathing new life into a piece so rich with old memories presented a challenge which required my full artistic and emotional skill set.  The transformative act often brought unexpected beauty through openness, even the opportunity for great happiness. Through collaborative private appointments, I’m able to help clients find a new beginning for symbolic jewelry pieces. I enjoy learning about rich family histories, which ultimately serve as the starting point for the renewal process.

Whatever you are working on now, your closet, your abs, your resume, or in my case – my website, I’m suggesting you consider renewed jewelry too. When you visit my refreshed you will find new treasures, easy navigation and lots of great "stuff" to become heirlooms for your family.

Reach out for a private appointment.