This year spring in the city brings me collaborative projects with old friends. It's amazing when you connect with people and create a team, when things flow and it's FUN!

This no longer feels like work, more like a play date.

So just that, the other day my talented & energetic friend Lisa Jacobs and her amazing "Imagine it Done" team & I had a play date with a beautiful young woman named Caroline Leventhal, a wellness coach  & mom of an adorable 18 month old boy.

Lisa and her team had already been to Caroline's apartment, organized, edited and had it all in place.

One of the last steps was having me join them to repurpose some things in her jewelry box, now that the closet was styled to an envious display!

 Not over the top just so right, like Caroline herself.  With a flair for natural humor we had Caroline open up her treasures. She had some really fabulous pieces from her mom & grandma. First thought was WOW her mom has fantastic taste if these are the hand me downs I wonder what her mom has. Caroline first showed me 2 drawers that she said, "this I never wear" ahhh a challenge, but not really as there was the treasure. Memories, gifts from her youth & hand me down pieces that I was quite honestly, effortlessly able to transform to a modern styled look. I added one of my great long chains, reworked some pearls to chokers  & presto, she's got new jewelry with sentimental meaning.

So spring into action and create your look. Like everything else, eating right, going to the gym, organizing your home, it takes effort and dedication then it's just natural. An easy styled wardrobe, comfortable in your own skin, good jewelry,  you will be ready for your own runway!

Call Lisa at Imagine it Done for a consultation and organize your stuff. Call me when your done:)


For more info www.imagineitdonenyc.com








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