The Origination of The Cocktail Ring

The Origination of The Cocktail Ring

I recently read in a jewelry publication that there is an authentic history to the "cocktail ring." Originally it was a symbol of rebellion during prohibition. I'm thinking does that mean women weren't able to wear rings if they weren't married?  So I read on...this is what I learned.

Flashy flapper dancers in the 1920's in the underground scene wore oversized rings to draw attention to the fact that they were sipping illicit alcoholic beverages. It was a way that women showed their independence, they were worn on the right hand to show it was not a wedding band and to add to that ~to insinuate the woman had most likely bought the ring with her own money! Well these women certainly started an everlasting trend.  Regardless of who buys it, cocktail rings are fun, usually big and make a statement. Married or single they are a stylish statement piece to add to your jewelry collection. Style is not what you buy, it's what you have.

Cheers to the Cocktail Ring!



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