New Year, New You, New Jewels

By way of retrospective my inspiration, like many mothers, came from my child.

Sophie Rose Charm Collection began when my daughter was only 3 years old. It was shortly after 9/11. Living and working in NYC was fearful at that time. After drop off at nursery school, I would have a panic attack. Was it separation anxiety or real fear? I wanted my daughter close to me. So I created photo dog tags. I felt better wearing her around my neck, close to my heart. Call me sentimental . . . (or smother mother!)

Ten years later there’s a new normal. Sophie is 13, still my muse and my inspiration. There is a special wonder about her – as I know all mothers feel about their kids.

We are a far cry from the days of Bonpoint Peter Pan collared dresses and Mary Jane shoes  - how I loved those clothes. Yet I still enjoy (when she allows me) to style her with chic outfits and play dress-up.

At me.n.u it’s become an upper east side hang out for girls, tweens and in-betweens. Jewelry + clothes + a fun place to be.  Sophie and I are busy at work there. It’s been a year since we opened and it’s going well - busy and moving forward to a new normal.

In 2012 I wish you all a happy and healthy year, filled with many jeweled moments. 


Two Dolls, Kelly and Sophie

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