Lucky Enough!

It's Christmas Day and we are in an Uber headed to LGA to PBI. Our departure goes from 10:30am to 2pm, it continued like that for a while. There are no JetBlue employees at the gate and no announcements. Oh well, it’s going to be one of those days. The buzz is weather in Boston. There's a cute elderly couple next to us, (me Sophie and our dog Cookie), the man seems distressed, looking around & pacing, I ask "Can I help you find something?"  It was hard to understand him but easy to see he lost his phone. I ask his wife, "Do you have a phone? Let's call him" she replies, "I don't know his number I never call him!"  and she grins up at me. Two seconds later there's an announcement for an Irwin to go to gate 3, "that's him", she says very casually. I dodge over there to get his phone, on the way I get stopped by another elderly gentleman that I met earlier, our dogs had been socializing. "Can you get me napkins please!" he says. I see he is holding a cup of coffee that's spilling. "OK, give me a minute, I will be right there..." I get back to the dog guy after giving Irwin his phone. I see it's not the coffee, it's a big pile of dog poop!  Ugh! I’m thinking I better take my dog Cookie out before there is incident #2 of #2.

As I approach the security line to get outside, a tall blue-eyed, good-looking guy looks at me and says, “You’re not going to be able to get out.” “Really, guess you must want to get out too, smoke a cigarette or get some air?” I say. I ask the guard, “Who is the head of security here? Robert, ok Robert, this is the deal, (eye contact and sweetly) I’ve been here since 9am- it is this dog going out and we pass this security line on the way back in or, it’s pee pee poo poo on the new carpet in this terminal, your call.”  Robert let’s us out, Cookie, blue eyes and me.

We take care of Cookie's business and go back in. We walk up to our gate and one of his kids is walking down towards us, not happy and threatening to leave. He’s about Sophie’s age and pissed about something his brother did.  He’s leaving. Really??

We are finally airborne, all the babies and kids start crying. There’s a couple behind us, with a baby and 2 little kids, the mom nonstop F bombs. She was totally losing it, “I’m  disgusted, I knew this was a terrible idea, next year we go to CT to my family, this is BS, this absolutely is the worst idea you ever had.”  I couldn't take her anymore, I reach for Cookie and introduce her to the mom and kids. "Oh look at the cute doggie!" All's quiet now.

We land, I see blue eyes as we head to baggage claim, he says, “What do you think about leaving the kids and you and I go to the COVE.” Great pick up line, I think, witty. Hmmm, butterflies? Next he’s taking my luggage off the conveyer belt and I’m thinking, God it’s Christmas- I really miss my husband, being a family, I miss his voice, his shoulders, his blue eyes.    

We have lots of family time planned with my parent’s, sister, brother- in-law and their kids. Night 3 was most memorable. After 3 days watching happy couples and families, to entitled, complaining kids and their parents arguing, I’m beginning to think holiday time should be cut short. (and you are probably thinking- so should this blog but I promise it gets good)  

Sophie and I arrive for dinner with the whole family. My parent’s walk in, my mom in all white, she has on her Kelly Gerber signature photo tag necklace of all her grandchildren and long strand of pearls. My dad is dapper in a navy cashmere sport jacket. They have these huge smiles, like there’s a secret kinda smile. Sure enough Dad says, “We are renewing our vows tonight, we have a Cantor coming, we have a private gazebo outside. 60 years and we are so blessed we have been planning this for months!” It’s a very special night.

My closest friends are dealing with ailing and dying parents so I am LUCKY ENOUGH for mine this holiday season. It’s so sad and I know only too well how sad it is, even though their parents have lived long lives, seeing those you love suffer is torture for everyone.

After this crazy week I have realized it’s all about being lucky enough for what we all have, we are family, whatever that is made up of.  

With hard work, patience, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and consideration maybe we can make 2018 great for ourselves. And for that I am hopeful, still believing in fairytales with happy endings.… the princess kind.


This is 2018.

Xo Kelly

My song of the week is: What Lover's Do by Maroon 5 feat. Sza 

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