A Giraffe and A Cow

I believe in “kismet”. It’s the moment you meet someone and there is an instant attraction.  
The days turn into weeks, the weeks months, and you know how it goes- you can’t even remember how long you have known each other because you feel like you’ve been friends forever!  And so my friendship with Kelly began. We first met in the elevator in the building where we both lived in the east 50’s. She describes me as having a “giraffe like fit body,  an over styled hippie chick look with a tiny tiny baby bump. Natural, sweet and confident you could go out in public with your hair back in a ponytail,  throw on a t-shirt, ripped jeans and cowboy boots and plenty of bracelets and rings”.
I didn’t care that my boots were from Billy Martin circa 1988 or that I wore too much jewelry. I could make it all work! She will tell you that she was a “fat cow”.  She wasn’t!  She was 6 months pregnant ahead of me, she had been on bed rest and was spending her days watching talk shows, making her own necklaces in bed with beads and wire, inspired by Reinstein Ross and eating pints of ice cream (haagen daz, not the low cal Halo brand). In her words, she says “getting heavy seemed like the only easy thing for me at that time. I was so stressed, worried about my pregnancy”.  She had suffered a late miscarriage the year before and was on high alert.
 Kelly will tell you that she wore her husbands' shirts and black maternity pants. “There was no wardrobe for me. I did buy 2 shirts in the maternity shop, one white, one blue. A go to uniform that no matter what your size one can always pull off”.
She had great style, no matter her size, that she owns!
All these years later, her baby girl and my two kids, almost 20 years past, we have remained close friends. We are like 2 peas in a pod, knowing what each other are thinking even before it comes out of our mouths!
Kelly is rarely without looking pulled together- she and her classic blazers, white, black or blue silk blouse, jeans, fancy heels or boots (or cool sneakers for the days she walks all over town), never frizzy locks of blonde paired classically with her gold and diamond jewels- classic and stylish. People are always asking her if she would shop for them,  chose their jewelry and basically  say “Tell me what to wear”   She knows her stuff as a jewelry designer and stylist. She travels from coast to coast, NY to LA and some times in Florida . While she has a free spirit she is also grounded and practical but above all, her love for life, family and friends is contagious!
I am a formally trained and licensed clinical therapist and nutritionist, and for many years my focus has been helping individuals achieve their optimal health. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” nutrition plan. Instead, I work with clients one-on-one, supporting them as they make positive changes based on lifestyle and food preferences. I use a personalized, holistic approach that is unique to each client. I am a native New Yorker, a true city girl but in my next life I will be a cowgirl on a ranch in the mountains where I can wear my cowboy boots and no one thinks twice! While I do exercise often, on a rare occasion I will indulge in a really good piece of chocolate cake!
I believe in nutrition, wellness and balance.  
Together, Kelly & I are offering our clients a 3, 5 or 6 week package deal!  
We will start by shopping with you in your own wardrobe & home.  
What to wear (Kelly)
What to eat (Rachel).
With you we will go through your closets, jewelry, your pantry and fridge and suggest repurposing some of it, edits & trashing others.  A purge with purpose!
For a brand new view of a more comfortable, healthy & stylish you! Contact us to find out more!
Rachel’s website is and my contact is rachel@livehealthynyc.com
Kelly’s website is and her contact is kelly@kellygerber.com
After all summer is around the corner.






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