Photo Dog Tag Necklaces~ Always in Style

Always in Style

There’s the mirror, the closet & you. What do these phrases mean to you? “Everyday looks”
“Must haves” “trends” “style philosophy” 
I bet there isn’t a woman over 40 that doesn’t have almost everything she needs in her closet. However...fresh, crisp everyday looks, must haves & trends are very appealing when you look in your closet and nothing seems right! How many of you have no room in there & nothing to wear? Do u know why? Choices, sometimes we make bad choices.  We are so lucky to have all that what we have. Regardless of how online shopping is incredibly efficient- from dating apps to clothing options;) too many options may not be in our favor.
As Diane Von Furstenberg said in her master class, we live in a world of “product pollution”.  
I love that phrase, it’s so true. Too much of a good thing is no longer good.
So how can you be stylish, polished, not overdone or ordinary? The answer goes back to the mirror, the closet and you.
As we head into the winter months get ready to layer up. I always wear my personalized long photo dog tag charm necklace. That’s my signature look, you can create your own necklace or your own look- whatever it is ~own your style & wear it with confidence. You will know when you look in the mirror you are comfortable & feel great.
Stay tuned for some style updates & exciting news!
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