Always in Style

There’s the mirror, the closet & you. What do these phrases mean to you? “Everyday looks”
“Must haves” “trends” “style philosophy” 
I bet there isn’t a woman over 40 that doesn’t have almost everything she needs in her closet. However...fresh, crisp everyday looks, must haves & trends are very appealing when you look in your closet and nothing seems right! How many of you have no room in there & nothing to wear? Do u know why? Choices, sometimes we make bad choices.  We are so lucky to have all that what we have. Regardless of how online shopping is incredibly efficient- from dating apps to clothing options;) too many options may not be in our favor.
As Diane Von Furstenberg said in her master class, we live in a world of “product pollution”.  
I love that phrase, it’s so true. Too much of a good thing is no longer good.
So how can you be stylish, polished, not overdone or ordinary? The answer goes back to the mirror, the closet and you.
As we head into the winter months get ready to layer up. I always wear my personalized long photo dog tag charm necklace. That’s my signature look, you can create your own necklace or your own look- whatever it is ~own your style & wear it with confidence. You will know when you look in the mirror you are comfortable & feel great.
Stay tuned for some style updates & exciting news!
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Coffee and Cake

It’s 35 degrees, my Uber driver smells and I have very deep dark circles under my eyes from getting up at 5:15am for the past three months. I have this new neighbor who moved in above me, she wakes up for her job at 5am, stomping around her apartment in heels. I’m not kidding when I say I can even hear her when she gets in the shower. I finally interacted and went up there after several calls to my doormen (who, btw are blatantly sick of hearing Mrs. Gerber complain). Thinking she would be 300+ pounds I was shocked to see a woman my age and size answer the door. She was absolutely mortified and couldn't have felt worse. I’ve sent her notes, was going to even buy her slippers- we chat, and she promises to get carpeting in her apartment.  80% coverage it's the law I share this news flash with her, as if she didn't know.

The next morning I wake up at 8am. I have never felt more rejuvenated and kvelling over having my daughter, Sophie home from college. She goes to USC, I mean really…. she had to go that far, then again maybe there are better men in LA than there are in New York City.

I was doing so well that even my doorman said “Mrs. Gerber you look so happy this morning,” I told him it was because I finally slept! It was all going so smoothly until an amateur Yogi kicks me in the head falling at an attempted head stand in my daily yoga class, It ruined my zen.

After a day’s worth of hustling around NYC, navigating through the crowds, playing Mrs. Claus as I filled jewelry orders I was stressed. Had to get ready for dinner. My favorite pieces right now are my gold wire hoop earrings with long emerald cut tapered baguettes. Of course I wear my charm necklace with Sophie, Cookie & assorted meaningful charms. I'm layering my look with one or two other necklaces depending on how freezing cold I am if I need the  cashmere turleneck sweater or not. I am not a very good cold weather person. My rings are 2-3, I love my twisted snake and diamond link,  less is just less and yes I am a yellow gold girl 99% of the time. In my next life I will be a minimalist. For now ~ not.

That evening I have a date with a British guy, Jewish, lives in Westchester, from London~ and he is announcing, he is on a diet!  His son is getting married in the beginning of January and he already shares he doesn't want to be in a relationship before the wedding- he doesn't have to worry because I’m unavailable and will be in Florida - maybe I can make son #2’s wedding in the spring. He should be so lucky!

He arrives a few minutes late, I’ve already ordered my Chardonnay, irritated but composed that there’s no hard alcohol. I wanted a martini desperately or some Casamigos!  It’s been a hellish week.

He’s not terribly tall, not terribly handsome, not terribly fit but yes, terribly British and very sweet.  This is something I adore. For 2 years in my 20’s I pretended to have a British accent when meeting men/boys out. My BFFL Debbie (aka Chicken) laughs HYSTERICALLY when I tell her I met a Brit.  The date was actually nice and I had a good time, I couldn't wait to get home to hop in the bath, put on my pj’s and eat leftover Momofuku soft serve all while hearing my daughter complain about how bored she is that her friends aren’t home yet.

 So… this evening is my trigger to write this to more than just my (as my daughter would say, “squad”) of my mom, sis and 3 closest friends. It is to share my frustrations with all of you and for you to join in. We all need to help each other in this crazy world. Let’s face it, men are mostly awful and I have realized that the single men suck (that is why they are single duh) and all the good ones are dead or married. I want to believe in love again and get those butterflies. Where the hell are they?! Am I too old for romance? Am I too much ~with the big blonde hair, eyelashes and jewelry? Or is what’s around me too little? Which brings me to little things I don't want to see or think of.  Oy.

Well, stay tuned next week, a new adventure and update, from Boca Raton, Florida. I haven’t even packed yet and my mom is already texting me asking what crudité dip I will eat! Like really, I’m trying to lose a few this holiday season not gain weight on bagels, Way Beyond Bagel's egg white salad, that has to be fattening cuz it tastes so damn good.

My parents favorite meal of the day COFFEE AND CAKE!  Who the hell needs to be eating cake every night before they go to bed. Thankfully my mom is tiny and weighs at most 110 pounds. Dad is thin too, for this alone they are annoying.  I’m blessed to have them even if they can eat without getting fat.

I’ll be sharing with all of you my style tips, the jewels, dating drama, learning from dilemmas and daily nonsense as well as my song of the week. This week my song is "Under Pressure" by David Bowie & Queen. I’m breathing through it and letting go of the toxins but they keep coming back.

Namaste friends and Merry Christmas, Happy Everything.  

P.S I told my mom I liked spinach dip.



Get Styled

I am so excited to announce I will be working with GLAMHIVE brings personal stylists to you, virtually to you~ at your computer ~your phone, your closet.
You have seen celebrities on the red carpet and I bet you wished you could look like them & thought, if only I could hire their stylist.
Founder & CEO Stephanie Sprangers has brought this concept to life.
An affordable version that is available at 3 different levels.  For both men & women.

My philosophy is we all need to take time for ourselves, weekly excercise routine is a must, accessorize- jewelry ices the cake & it has always been my passion. We need to follow a healthy diet, we need to rest, to sleep!  We need to shop wisely.  Mix it up! Go high low, then pull it all together. We all want to feel and look good. So what are you going to wear?  What's going to make you look and feel your best? From your everyday looks to special occasions.
 It's all about style and putting yourself together. I am no super model, I'm your average woman with a creative flair who cares about feeling & looking good. 

I've always been a fan of glamour, I mean the old Hollywood glamour. I grew up in a home where sports wasn't on the TV, the old black & white movies were.
Gene Tierney, Myrna Loy, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant & Gary Cooper. I kinda knew them, or thought I did.
I wanted to live in a world where everything was pretty, polished, elegant, grand. Grace Kelly had that magnificent natural elegance, I don't think she was schlepping kids, going to the supermarket, to play dates or commuting on a train working 9-5.  Just a feeling....
We live in a world now where ripped jeans, tattoos & multiple ear piercings are in fashion. I'm old school, but let's face it its almost 2019, I'm over it.
Ripped jeans and a silk blouse, sexy stilettos and multiple earrings, ok I get it.
Over 55, maybe not your thing. Speaking of over 55, I am dealing with a few over 55 issues and maybe you are too, comfort is now a time released issue, how long can I walk, stand or sit in this outfit, shoe or even carry a handbag before something hurts. It's ironic but I finally get why my grandmother was hoarding new pairs of Reebok sneakers under her bed, they felt good on her feet, back & knees.  I think she was afraid they would stop making them.                             Guess what...
The entire world is wearing designer sneakers!!
Grandma Rosie knew her stuff:)

Sign up today on the Glamhive link here and maybe you will be the recipient of a complimentary style session.  This is about you being the best version of yourself.
This holiday season go to those parties and on your winter vacation dressed with ease and comfort, in clothing and accessories that really suit you... style is always in fashion.

Find me on Glamhive & Happy Holidays!
xo, Kelly

Song: I'm Every Woman ~RESPECT Aretha Franklin


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Loving Lulu


It’s a cold grey winter day and I am walking over to Biscuits and Bath with Cookie Jar, my precious Havanese.  The dog knows that the dreaded day is here. Teeth cleaning. Her breath has been disgusting and  yes, I must admit I feed her my leftover salmon often (she loves it!) yet fish breath is not too nice. It’s time though to get rid of that tartar and maybe a loose tooth. Poor thing is going to have an ugly smile and I cannot believe I’m risking putting her under anesthesia for bad breath! Well… it needs to be done. She shakes all the way there.

I take a minute on Instagram to pass some time before she goes in..

Oh NO Chelsea Handler’s dog Chunk ‘RIP’  so sad, anxiety rises. I feel a little nauseous. The vet has me sign a DNR or resuscitate form. I’m thinking to myself, what if something were to happen to my sweet cookie? She isn't a pet she’s my loyal companion through everything in my life for the past 8 years.

Cookie bittersweetly arrived from the breeder  the day my husband took ill.

She cocks her head when you speak to her, she literally winks in conversation and curls up at the end of my bed.  She is submissive, sweet & such an easy loving dog.

I notice often on Facebook and Instagram, my friend Jane Pontarelli posting pictures of her dog Lulu, only Lulu is always a white Maltese, for years now I mean at least 20…hmmm I am thinking, I wonder if she names all her dogs Lulu? Lulu is the love of her life (aside from Joe her husband of course) and Lulu appears more often than not.

And so it is true that Lulu the great love dog has been 3 Lulu Maltese’s!

I'm just back from Florida where I met a client I recently did a tag for of her deceased dog. She was so happy and wearing it,  keeping the memory and love of her beloved Shepherd close to her. So here is the inspiration for the Lulu love bracelet, a photo tag(s) of your beloved and departed pet, no matter how many you have had or what their names are.

We are all always loving our Lulus.


Song: Cat Steven’s "I love my dog"

Jewelry: lulu bracelet 


Wild Fires

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