About Kelly Gerber

Since 1993, Kelly Gerber has celebrated her love of jewelry, photography and fashion. It is often said that time flies. And with it goes the most cherished experiences of our lives - the first loves, the childbirths, the weddings, romantic vacations, graduations, anniversaries...the list endless. 

The truth is, life is a series of precious moments, from the engagement ring to first born. Working with young new couples deciding on that special ring is one of Kelly's favorites. Everyone is happy!!  Later on Kelly created the Sophie Rose collection, named after her daughter, a timeless gift, to wear close to your heart. This collection was created shortly after 9-11.  We take your treasured photographs, with a magical process on either sterling silver or 14 kt gold photo dog tags  you can keep loved ones & beloved pets too, close to your heart. A jewelry keepsake done in the highest fashion to be worn with jeans or evening clothes. Her clients tend to be real jewelry lovers, claiming their favorite piece of all (including the big baubles which Kelly does as well) is their personalized charm necklace. These designer dog tag necklaces are for the luxury jewelry wearer as well as the low key jewelry lover.

Kelly's collection is filled with love and sentimentality.  She is one of the original private jewelers. Her success can be attributed to her great sense of style and eye for trends as well as timeless classics. A veteran shopper, stylist and jewelry advisor, Kelly combines her talent and expertise to her clients with the full perspective on what's missing in their jewelry wardrobe. 

Kelly can help you find exactly what you need to complete your look. Choose a gift or redesign an old piece into something fabulous.

Kelly's jewelry has been seen on many celebrity moms,  Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Julianne Moore, Heather Locklear & Faith Hill. Kelly's collection and her vision continue to grow.

Sophie Rose and Kelly Gerber Collection are also available by private appointment or trunk shows.

Reach out to Kelly for private appointments to Renew & Redo. Breathe new life in to old memorable jewlery and create new beautiful modern pieces. Style is everything.

Kelly resides in New York City, she is happiest traveling on a mission for  treasure, inspiration and inner peace. We are growing the brand seeking Brand Ambassadors, women that want to be a part of the KGJ team throughout the US & worldwide

please contact Kelly@kellygerber.com

Photo of Kelly Gerber and Sophie Rose
Photo of Kelly Gerber