About the Jewelry


Named after my daughter Sophie Rose Gerber, YES a real "Gerber" baby, well in name anyway.
It was shortly after 9/11...Sophie was 3 years old. My husband and I were always overprotective parents, now we were supercharged. I had nursery school drop off anxiety, was Sophie going to hold onto my leg and not let me leave or was I going to kiss her a hundred times and not leave myself? I'll admit I did suffer from separation anxiety and "smother mother"! We were living through very stressful times, fear of terrorism and post traumatic stress everywhere in NYC. I wanted my daughter close to me.
I was in the jewelry business for several years and a big lover of photography. One day it just hit me to combine my two passions, creating the Sophie Rose Collection. Photo dog tags and charms worn on ball chain necklaces, a chic, fun and sentimental way to keep my daughter close to my heart. Shortly after tons and tons of photographs came my way: "Please make one for me," " my mother", "grandmother," etc. Sophie Rose became a new icon.
Oprah had them on her "Stylemakers" show when Cindy Crawford showed hers off to the world.
To design your own simply send me a jpeg photo, it's an enamel process that will not wear off unless you consistently get it wet. Some clients are so attached they refuse to take theirs off! Not to worry if necessary they can be redone. Now that many years have passed some people like to update their photos on their tags, not a problem.
I have seen so many cute babies, kids and dogs thru the years. I love when a Mom emails me and says..."I just had another baby, I MUST get another tag to add our new baby to my necklace!"
Recently a client emailed and said she had her 5th, I'm thinking ...wow motherhood is the most rewarding yet toughest job there is, how in the world is she handling 5 kids~
See photo of Tag Sizes...Small Medium Large


I am a big fan of yellow gold. I know it's high now, but nothing feels like real gold...sounds like a slogan doesn't it? My snake bracelet, tricolor ring, big charms...wishbone and love the long way, in yellow gold & diamonds on a long gold ball chain are some of my favorites. They are "go-to" pieces that work everyday. Layering necklaces with a little short necklace in cz or diamond adds some personality and a good space filler for an open neckline. Throw on some diamond hoops, a chunky ring: instant syle...for now anyway.
There's a way to style your clothes with jewelry. Whether you are in jeans or a cocktail dress, jewelry can make you look fashionable and polished with a finished look. Not necessarily trendy but on trend. I like to think of my style as on trend. Style is something you either have or can certainly acquire. I love styling my clients.
The pieces you will find in Kelly Gerber Collection should bring you on trend, complete your look and most importantly, make you feel good!